What are the ingredients in Tengenix?

There are many specific ingredients that are used in the making of our male enhancement products. Our male enhancement product Tengenix is made with a proprietary blend of amino acids and all natural herbs from all over the world. It is safe for anyone of any ages to take. Tengenix is a capsule form product and some of the ingredients that are featured in the capsule are L-Arginine (which helps aid in a fast rapid expansion of the penis),  Tongkat Ali (which helps boost libido and sex drive), Maca Root, Muira Puama (which provides enhanced natural benefits, and libido-boosting properties). All of these ingredients blend together to help push blood flow throughout your body and specifically increase the flow to the penile tissue which help the penis to grow and expand its length and girth which results in a bigger size of the penis. These ingredients have been proven and tested to be some of the best, most reliable and safest male enhancing ingredients out there that provide users with the best results they can achieve. Some people have experienced a growth between one to five inches. It is a much safer alternative to any other product out on the market due to our product being made with and having all natural ingredients that don’t cause any side effects to harm the human body.

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